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Of Parts Unknown. A

of parts unknown. A petition has been filed seeking: Commitment of minor child(ren) of the above named or vesting of custody and care of said child(ren) of the above named in a lawful, private or public agency or a suitable and worthy person. The petition, whereby the court's decision can affect your parental rights, if any, regarding minor child(ren) will be heard on: 1/9/19 at 11:30 a.m. at 20 Franklin Sq. New Britain, CT Hearing on an Order of Temporary Custody will be heard on: 12/14/18 at 9:30 a.m. at 20 Franklin Square, New Britain, CT Therefore, ORDERED, that notice of the hearing of this petition be given by publishing this Order of Notice once, immediately upon receipt, in the: Los Angeles Times a newspaper having circulation in the town/city of: Orange, CA and Anaheim, CA Coutney M.Chaplin /s/ Joanne Truzinski Admin Asst. 12/4/2018 12/6/2018

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