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Notice To Contractors Calling

NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS CALLING FOR BIDS COAST COMMUNITY COLLEGE DISTRICT NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Coast Community College District, acting by and through its Governing Board, will receive sealed bids for the award of a contract for the following named project. Bids will be received up until, but not later than, the bid deadline listed below. Project Name: Golden West College Central Plant Expansion Bid Number: 2138 Bid Deadline: December 17, 2018 Prior to 2:00 P.M. Place of Bid Receipt: Bids must be submitted via the PlanetBids Vendor Portal, located on the Coast Community College District website, prior to the date and time listed above. Only electronic bids submitted via PlanetBids will be accepted. Bid tabulations will be available immediately after the bid closing via the portal. Project Description: Golden West College is seeking to expand the existing central energy plant on campus. This will include the procurement and installation of a chiller, cooling tower, piping, pumps and all related equipment. It is anticipated that the project will commence on January 18, 2019 ad be completed by April 19, 2019. Each bidder shall be a licensed contractor pursuant to the Business and Professions Code §7028.15 and California Public Contract Code §3300. The District requires that the bidder possess at the time of bid and maintain throughout the duration of the contract a C-20 and C-36 classification(s): DIR Registration. Each bidder submitting a proposal to complete the work, labor, material and/or services (“Work”) subject to this procurement must be a Department of Industrial Relations (DIR) registered contractor pursuant to Labor Code §1725.5. A bidder who is not DIR registered contractor when submitting a proposal for the Work is deemed “not qualified” and the proposal of such a Bidder will be rejected for non-responsiveness. Pursuant to Labor Code §1725.5, all subcontractors identified in a Bidder’s subcontractors’ list shall be DIR registered contractors as well. Prevailing Wage Rate (“PWR”) Monitoring and Enforcement. The Work is subject to payment of the PWR. The Contractor and all Subcontractors of every tier shall pay laborers performing any portion of the Work not less than the PWR established for the labor provided. Pursuant to Labor Code §1771.4(a)(4), PWR monitoring and enforcement shall be by the Department of Industrial Relations. A MANDATORY pre-bid job-walk will be held at 10:00 A.M.; December 6, 2018; 15744 Goldenwest St., Huntington Beach, CA 92647 – Maintenance & Operations. Project Timeline: Time is of the essence. This project must be completed within the project timeline specified above. Failure to achieve substantial completion within the contract time will result in the assessment of Liquidated Damages. All bids shall be submitted electronically via the PlanetBids Vendor portal located on the District Website (https://www.planetbids.com/portal/portal.cfmCompanyID=36722&BidID=56286), including the forms furnished by the District, prior to the bid closing date and time, and results will be available immediately upon the close of bids. Incomplete, inaccurate, or untrue responses or information provided therein by a bidder shall be grounds for the District to reject such submissions for non-responsiveness. More information regarding this project can be found at https://www.planetbids.com/portal/portal.cfmCompanyID=36722&BidID=56286 or by contacting the Coast Community College District Purchasing Department at purchasing@cccd.edu. Published On: 11/29/18 & 12/5/18

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