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Notice – Outstanding Checks

Notice – Outstanding Checks Burbank City Treasurer The City of Burbank has the following funds, which are older than three years and are currently being held in Fund 001, General Fund. The money will become the property of the City of Burbank on a date that is no less than 45 days following the first publication of this notice, if not claimed. Please contact the City at (818)238-5880 to claim your money if your name is listed. Proof of identity will be required. KEANE DEAN-$16.30 ; ADAN PEREZ-$17.15; UNKNOWN $19.00; LESBIA HERNANDEZ-$19.08; COLBY LOMBARDO-$19.80; RAELEEN PECEV-$20.00; FORTUNATO ROMERO-$20.00; AARON EUNIN-$20.00; JUAN MORENO-$20.00; ALEXANDER LUJAN-$20.00; ERICA GARCIA-$21.00; UNKNOWN-$22.00; RICHARD HOLMAN-$22.00; CHRISTOPHER BARAJAS-$23.00; BRANDIE BELFATTO-$23.00; FRANCISCO BARBOSA-$23.00; FERNANDO GONZALEZ-$23.00; SHANT OROOJIAN-$23.00; BORIS DONALD HART-$23.81; JENNIFER ESTRADA-$24.00; BILLY JOE JOHNSON-$25.00; MICHAEL SOWER-$25.88; FRANCO FROILAN-$27.00; BILLY JOE JOHNSON-$29.00; NICK JOHNSON-$30.00; STEVEN CLARK-$30.80; LESBIA HERNANDEZ- $31.14; KEANE DEAN-$32.00; DAVID HULLEY-$33.00; EUGENE MONTES-$33.00; MICHAEL NISSMAN-$34.49; SONJA SADI-$40.00; ALLIE RANKIN- $40.00; LARRY KOCH-$40.00; PAUL NEWSON-$40.00; ROXANNE MONZON- $42.00; EUGENE MONTES- $42.36; ROBERT GIDDENS-$43.00; SANTOS MANCIA-$43.77; VANCE BUTLER-$44.00; UNKNOWN-$46.00; VICTOR GONZALEZ-$50.00; UNKNOWN-$51.00; SERGIO NAVAS-$54.00; SYLVIA GRACIA-$58.25; ROGER HUNT-$60.00; CHAD MUSSELMAN-$61.50; MARK SLIPICH-$62.03; MANUEL ESTRADA-$63.00; RAMON ARREOLA-$64.00; PEGGY RICE-$66.00; NICHOLAS KOMOROWSKI-$68.60; CHRISTOPHER BAUMAN-$71.00; UNKNOWN-$72.00; SONJA SADI-$80.00; UNKNOWN-$80.00; RAYMOND TARVERDYAN-$83.00; ROBERT ZATARAIN-$85.00; NELSON ALVAREZ-$85.00; DAVID SILVA-$85.00; STEVEN SLATTERLY-$87.00; DAVID SILVA-$90.00; DAVID SILVA-$90.00; THOMAS DECKER-$91.00; ABRAHAM LOPEZ-$91.00; WAYNE GARCIA-$93.00; GAGIK ZHAMKOCHYAN-$93.00; UNKNOWN-$94.00; MARK RODRIGUEZ-$97.83; GIOVANNI VIDAL-$100.00; JENEE MCKINNEY-$100.00; SONJA SADI-$100.00; SAUL VALDEZ-$100.00; CHRISTINA CHIARAVALLE-$100.00; TASHA SAID-$100.00 6/13/18, 6/20/18

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