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Notice Of Trustee

NOTICE OF TRUSTEE'S SALE. Batch ID: Foreclosure DOT 79567-NC255-DOT. APN: See Schedule “1”. YOU ARE IN DEFAULT OF YOUR OBLIGATION UNDER YOUR DEED OF TRUST. UNLESS YOU TAKE ACTION TO PROTECT YOUR PROPERTY, IT MAY BE SOLD AT PUBLIC SALE. IF YOU NEED AN EXPLAINATION OF THE NATURE OF THE PROCEEDINGS AGAINST YOU, YOU SHOULD CONTACT A LAWYER. Date of Sale: 10/26/2018 at 1:30 PM. Place of Sale: At the North front entrance to the County Courthouse at 700 Civic Center Drive West, Santa Ana, CA 92701. NOTICE is hereby given that First American Title Insurance Company, a Nebraska Corporation, 1 First American Way, Santa Ana, CA in care of: 400 S. Rampart Blvd, #290 Las Vegas, NV 89145 – Phone: (702) 304-7509 as the duly appointed Trustee, Successor Trustee, or Substituted Trustee of Deed(s) of Trust executed by Trustor(s) and recorded among the Official Records of Orange County, California, and pursuant to that certain Notice of Default (“NOD”) thereunder recorded, all as shown on Schedule “1” which is attached hereto and a part hereof, will sell at public auction for cash, lawful money of the United States of America, (a cashier's check payable to said Trustee drawn on a state or national bank, a state or federal credit union, or a state or federal savings and loan association, or savings bank as specified in section 5102 of the Financial Code and authorized to do business in this state) all that right, title and interest conveyed to and now held by it under said Deed of Trust in the property situated in said County and State to wit: Those certain Timeshare Interval as shown as Legal Description Variables on Schedule “1”, within the timeshare project Newport Coast Villas Condominiums located at 23000 Newport Coast Drive, Newport Beach, CA, 92657. The legal descriptions as set forth on the recorded Deed(s) of Trust shown on Schedule “1” are incorporated by this reference. The undersigned Trustee disclaims any liability for any incorrectness of the street address shown herein. Said sale will be made without covenant or warranty, express or implied, as to title, possession or encumbrances to satisfy the unpaid balance due on the note or notes secured by said Deed(s) of Trust, as shown on as Note Balance on Schedule “1”, plus accrued interest thereon, the estimated costs, expenses and advances if any at the time of the initial publication of the Notice of Sale, together with estimated expenses of the Trustee in the amount of $600.00. Accrued Interest and additional advances, if any, will increase this figure prior to sale. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT THIS ACTION IS AN ATTEMPT TO COLLECT A DEBT, THAT ANY INFORMATION OBTAINED WILL BE USED FOR THAT PURPOSE, AND THAT THE DEBT MAY BE DISPUTED. NOTWITHSTANDING THE FOREGOING, TO THE EXTENT THAT ANY DEBT ASSOCIATED WITH ANY ONE OR MORE OF THE LIENS DESCRIBED ON SCHEDULE “1” HERETO MAY HAVE BEEN DISCHARGED IN A BANKRUPTCY PROCEEDING UNDER TITLE 11 OF THE UNITED STATES CODE, PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT THIS IS AN ACTION TO COLLECT A DEBT IN REM AGAINST THE PROPERTY ENCUMBERED BY SUCH LIEN AND NOT IN PERSONAM AGAINST ANY OBLIGOR. Dated: October 4, 2018. First American Title Insurance Company, a Nebraska Corporation. SCHEDULE “1”: Contract No., Loan No., Legal Description Variables, Trustor, APN, DOT Dated, DOT Recording Date and Reference, NOD Recording Date and Reference, Note Balance; NC*1220/06, 100213532, UNDIVIDED INTEREST: 1/52, UNIT: 1220, FREQUENCY: Annual, SEASON: Gold, TIMESHARE INTEREST NO.: 1220-G-06, CRAIG A SPIVAK and MICHELLE C HARRISON, 898-950-05, 05/02/2014, 05/02/2014, Inst: 2014000170439, 07/03/2018, 2018000244978, $7,476.14.

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