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Legal Notices: Notice Of

Legal Notices: NOTICE OF PROPOSED SETTLEMENT - If you are a consumer with an address in the state of California and received a collection letter from TRS Recovery Services, Inc. ("TRS") in a windowed envelope though which your account number and/or a bar code was visible between September 3, 2014 and September 3, 2015 ("Class Member"), this notice may impact your rights. A proposed settlement has been reached in a class action lawsuit called Rosa Moreno-Peralta v. TRS Recovery Services, Inc., pending in the Superior Court of California, County of San Luis Obispo, case number 15CV-0481. This lawsuit claims that TRS sent collection letters to California residents in envelopes through which either an account number or bar code were visible between September 3, 2014 and September 3, 2015 in violation of the Rosenthal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (Cal. Civ. Code ?? 1788 et seq). TRS vigorously denies this claim and contests any liability. The parties have agreed to a settlement that they believe is in the best interests of all parties given the risks and uncertainties to each side of continued litigation. THIS NOTICE IS ONLY A SUMMARY. For full details regarding the settlement and your rights thereunder please visit www.moreno-peraltarfdcpaclasssettlement.com or call 1-855-428-0702. If you are a potential Class Member and would like to exclude yourself from the settlement, you must send a notice of exclusion no later than May 10, 2018. If the settlement is approved, all class members who do not exclude themselves will give up any right to sue. To object to the settlement you must send written notice of intention to appear or objections no later than May 10, 2018. On July 12, 2018, the Court will hold the Final Settlement Hearing and consider final approval of the settlement and plaintiff's application for attorneys' fees, litigation and administration costs and plaintiff's incentive award.

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