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Legal Notices: NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING LAGUNA BEACH BOARD OF ADJUSTMENT / DESIGN REVIEW BOARD The CITY OF LAGUNA BEACH BOARD OF ADJUSTMENT / DESIGN REVIEW BOARD will hold a public hearing in the City Council Chambers, located in City Hall at 505 Forest Avenue to consider DESIGN REVIEW 17-0424, COASTAL DEVELOPMENT PERMIT 17-0425, VARIANCE 17-0568 AND CATEGORICAL EXEMPTION for the: Family Tree Trust Residence 736 Griffith Place APN 644-101-12 SAID PUBLIC HEARING to be held: Thursday, November 30, 2017 at 6:00 PM. NO FURTHER PUBLIC NOTICE WILL BE GIVEN. Project Description: The applicant requests design review and a coastal development permit to demolish an existing duplex and construct a new 3,119 square foot duplex with an attached 697 square-foot garage in the R-2 (Residential Medium Density) zone. Design review is required for the new structure, elevated decks (1,289 square feet), tandem parking, grading, retaining walls, air conditioning condenser units and landscaping. A variance is requested to exceed the maximum allowed terrace fill [LBMC 25.50.008(C)]. This project includes a proposed Landscape Plan. Please note; pursuant to Laguna Beach Municipal Code Sections 12.14.040(d) and LBMC 12.16.080(e), plant material shown on a landscape plan, which has been approved through the design review process, and where maximum height limits are established for existing and/or proposed vegetation, shall be exempt from all future hedge height, view preservation and view restoration claims by neighboring property owners. The property is required to be staked with story poles at least 28 calendar days prior to the hearing. The City encourages anyone with questions or concerns regarding the proposed project to contact: Project Applicant: Jane Lewis, Designer (714) 558-3981 jane@steichenlewisdesigns.com City Staff: Melinda Dacey, Assistant Planner (949) 497-0325 mdacey@lagunabeachcity.net IMPORTANT! If you have concerns about the effects this proposed project could have on your property and you wish those concerns to be considered by the Design Review Board at the public hearing, it is imperative that you invite the Board Members to view the project site and staking from your property prior to the meeting. Please contact the Board Members no earlier than the Friday before the scheduled hearing. A list of Board Members and e-mail addresses are available at City Hall. Board Members will visit the applicant's property prior to the hearing.

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