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Legal Notices: CITY OF COSTA MESA SUMMARY OF ADOPTED ORDINANCE 16-05 NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that on November 8, 2016, the people of the City of Costa Mesa adopted Ordinance No. 16-05: AN ORDINANCE OF THE PEOPLE OF THE CITY OF COSTA MESA CALIFORNIA AMENDING THE COSTA MESA MUNICIPAL CODE TO ESTABLISH A DIRECTLY ELECTED MAYOR WITH TERM LIMITS AND BY-DISTRICT ELECTION OF SIX COUNCIL MEMBERS This Ordinance changes the current city-wide at-large election system to a district election system, allowing the creation of 6 districts, from which one council member would be elected by voters of each district and a Mayor elected citywide, commencing with the November 2018 election. A certified copy of the full text of Ordinance No. 16-05 is posted and may be read in the City Clerk's Office, 77 Fair Drive, Costa Mesa I, BRENDA GREEN, City Clerk of the City of Costa Mesa, DO HEREBY CERTIFY that the above and foregoing Ordinance No. 16-05 was duly passed and adopted by the people of the City of Costa Mesa on this 8th day of November 2016. I hereby certify that the summary of the adopted ordinance was published in the Daily Pilot on Saturday, August 12, 2017. Brenda Green, City Clerk, City of Costa Mesa August 9, 2017

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