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Legal Notices: CITY OF LA CA'ADA FLINTRIDGE PUBLIC NOTICE OF ORDINANCE SUMMARY NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that on June 6, 2017, the City Council of the City of La Caada Flintridge, California, introduced an Ordinance entitled: AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF LA CA'ADA FLINTRIDGE AMENDING SECTION 11.01.030 OF CHAPTER 11.01 OF TITLE 11 OF THE LA CA'ADA FLINTRIDGE MUNICIPAL CODE TO ADD DEFINITIONS FOR THE TERMS "CONVENIENCE STORE" AND "LIQUOR STORE" (ZONE CHANGE 17-01) The proposed Ordinance (Ordinance No. 461) will amend Section 11.01.030 of Chapter 11.01 of Title 11 of the La Caada Flintridge Municipal Code, to do the following: Define the term "convenience store" as "a retail establishment that is primarily engaged in the retail sale of a limited inventory of commonly consumed prepackaged food and drink products not intended for home preparation and consumption, such as snack foods, toiletries, soft drinks, tobacco, magazines, and newspapers, where the gross floor area is less than 5,000 square feet of retail floor area and intended to provide quick service accessory. The sale of prepared foods for on-site or off-site consumption is limited to ten (10) percent of total floor area. A convenience store shall be located on the same parcel with an automobile service station and may not be a stand-alone use." Define the term "liquor store" as "a retail establishment that is primarily engaged in the retail sale of beer, wine, and/or other alcoholic beverages for consumption off the premises and that is applying for or has obtained an ABC License Type 20 (off-sale beer and wine - package store) or License Type 21 (off-sale general - package store), where a minimum of 80 percent of the total square footage of the floor area of the establishment is dedicated to selling beer, wine, and other alcoholic beverages. A license for select on-site consumption, such as tastings, shall not alter the liquor store category." The City Council will conduct a second reading and consider the adoption of Ordinance No. 461 on June 20, 2017. A certified copy of the complete text of the ordinance may be read in the City Clerk's Office, 1327 Foothill Boulevard, La Caada, Flintridge, California, and/or copy may be obtained from the office at nominal charge. /s/ Tania Moreno, City Clerk PUBLISHED: June 16, 2017

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