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Legal Notices: City Of

Legal Notices: CITY OF LOS ANGELES ENVIRONMENTAL NOTICES Notice is hereby given to the general public of the availability for public review and comment on the following Environmental documents. Please call Darlene Navarrete to review file: (213)978-1332. Files are available for REVIEW at: Los Angeles City Hall, 200 N. Spring St., Room 750, Los Angeles, CA 90012. Comments can be faxed to: (213)978-1343, or emailed to darlene.navarrete@lacity.org. (*unless otherwise noted). CD indicates the City Council District, sf indicates square feet and LAMC indicates Los Angeles Municipal Code. The publication is intended to serve as our Notice of Intent to adopt the following Mitigated Negative Declaration (MND) or Negative Declaration (ND) MITIGATED NEGATIVE DECLARATION-NG-17-059-PL: ENV-2015-540. 3200-3208 W 6th St & 601-617 S Vermont Ave; Wilshire. CD10. The Project includes the construction of a 7-story, mixed-use building containing approx. 98,000 sf of floor area, including 29,000 sf of museum space & 103 residential units, on a 26,257-sf site. The applicant proposes to set aside 11%, or 12 units, of 103 units for habitation by Very Low Income Households, per Government Code Section 65915. The building will have a maximum height of 100 ft., measured from grade to the highest point of the roof structure. The Project will provide a minimum of 44 residential parking spaces & 43 museum parking spaces, and 57 parking spaces to replace existing public parking spaces on the project site, in a 3-level subterranean parking garage. The Project will provide a minimum of 182 bicycle parking spaces. The new building will provide a minimum of 10,300 sf of open space, including terraces, private balconies, and interior common open space. The development of the Project requires an export of approx. 36,100 cubic yards of earth material. The applicant requests a Site Plan Review for a development Project, which creates an increase of 50 or more dwelling units. The applicant proposes to set aside a percentage of dwelling units for affordable housing for a density bonus; however, the applicant does not request any on- or off-menu incentives. REVIEW/COMMENT period ends: May 22, 2017 MITIGATED NEGATIVE DECLARATION-NG-17-060-PL: ENV-2016-3313. 232-250 W 25th St, 2504-2528 S Grand Ave & 227-243 W Adams Blvd; Southeast Los Angeles. CD9. The Project would involve the demolition of the existing surface parking lot & 4 single-story commercial & industrial structures to allow for construction of a 7-story mixed-use building with 5 stories of residential uses above a 2-story parking & commercial podium. The residential component of the Project would include approx. 278,384 sf of floor area & up to 296 residential units, of which 25 units would be reserved for restricted affordable units at a very low income level. Approximately 5,000 sf of commercial space (2,500 sf retail & 2,500 sf of restaurant) would be provided at ground level at the intersection of S Grand Ave & W Adams Blvd. Overall, the Project would include 283,384 sf of floor area with a floor area ratio (FAR) of 3.19:1. The Project proposes to provide 343 (28 for commercial & 190 for residential) on-site vehicle parking spaces. A total of 332 (6 for commercial & 326 for residential) bicycle spaces would also be provided. The Applicant requests a Vesting Zone Change of the M1-2 zoned parcels to C2-2, as well as a General Plan Amendment to change the land use designation from Limited Manufacturing to Community Commercial & to amend the Community Plan Map to exempt the Project from the provisions of Footnote 1. The Applicant proposes to set aside 11% of the base density for "Very Low" Income Households & seeks an increase in density of 35%. The Applicant proposes to provide parking consistent with State of California Assembly Bill No. 744 to allow parking spaces based on 0.5 spaces per bedroom. Additionally, the Applicant requests an "On-Menu" Density Bonus Incentive for up to a 20% reduction in the interior side yard to permit 8 ft. in lieu of 10 ft. The Project also includes a request for Site Plan Review for 296 residential units & approval of a Vesting Tentative Tract Map to merge & re-subdivide the site, including 9 ft. of previously dedicated land along Adams Blvd & 2-ft. of previously dedicated land along Grand Ave, into a single ground lot. The Applicant also requests that the proposed haul route be approved concurrent with the Vesting Tentative Tract Map & the Applicant is requesting permission to deviate from the number of parking spaces defined in the Advisory Agency police memo AA-2000-1. This memo required 2.25 parking spaces per condominium unit. The Applicant proposed to provide parking consistent with State of California Assembly Bill No. 744 to allow parking spaces based on 0.5 spaces per bedroom. The Project Site is located approx. 0.13 miles from the Interstate 110 Frwy (I-110) & 0.5 miles from the Interstate 10 (I-10) Frwy. The Project is located approx. 800 ft. from the Los Angeles Trade Tech College (LATTC)/Ortho Institute Metro Rail Expo Line Station on Flower St. near 23rd St, and approx. 2,500 ft. from the Metro Rail Blue Line Rail Station at Grand/LATTC on Washington Blvd. west of Grand Ave. REVIEW/COMMENT period ends: May 10, 2017 MITIGATED NEGATIVE DECLARATION-NG-17-061-PL: ENV-2016-4076. 1201 N Broadway; Central City North. CD1. The applicant proposed to demolish the existing improvements on the project site in conjunction with the development of a mixed-use building (proposed project or project) with a total floor area of 89,434 sf & housing 118 residential units & 8,795 sf of ground floor office/commercial uses on the 0.73-acre site. The proposed building would be 7 stories & approx. 78-ft, 6 inches in height above finished grade & would include a ground level with an approx. 971 sf lobby & commercial space; 118 residential units on Levels 2 through 7; and approx. 17,457 sf of common & private open space & amenities for use by residents. The proposed project would provide 170 parking spaces, including 19 parking spaces for office/commercial uses & 151 residential parking spaces, in a 2-level subterranean structure. The proposed project would also include a total of 156 bicycle parking spaces, including 133 long-term residential bicycle parking spaces, 13 short-term residential bicycle parking spaces, and 10 commercial bicycle parking spaces. REVIEW/COMMENT period ends: May 22, 2017

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