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Legal Notices: City Of

Legal Notices: CITY OF LAGUNA BEACH: ADOPTION OF ORDINANCE NO. 1629 REGARDING REPEALING ORDINANCE NO. 1622 RELATED TO UNDERGROUNDING OF UTILITIES Adopted Ordinance No. 1629 entitled "AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF LAGUNA BEACH, CALIFORNIA, repealing Ordinance No. 1622, adding Chapter 21.25 to the Laguna Beach Municipal Code and amending sections 21.24.010, 21.24.020 and 21.24.080 of the Laguna Beach Municipal Code, relating to undergrounding of utilities" was introduced at the City Council meeting of October 24, 2017, on the following 5-0 vote: AYES: Dicterow, Whalen, Zur Schmiede, Boyd, Iseman: NOES None; ABSENT: None; and adopted on November 7, 2017, on the following 4-0 vote: AYES: Dicterow, Whalen, Boyd, Iseman: NOES None; ABSENT: Zur Schmiede. Proposed Ordinance will repeal Ordinance No. 1622, which will allow the City to focus its efforts and use available funding to pursue more cost-effective projects and processes for utility undergrounding. Lisette Chel-Walker, CMC, City Clerk Publish: Friday, November 10, 2017

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