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Legal Notices: City Of

Legal Notices: CITY OF LOS ANGELES ENVIRONMENTAL NOTICES Notice is hereby given to the general public of the availability for public review and comment on the following Environmental documents. Please call Darlene Navarrete to review file: (213)978-1332. Files are available for REVIEW at: Los Angeles City Hall, 200 N. Spring St., Room 750, Los Angeles, CA 90012. Comments can be faxed to: (213)978-1343, or emailed to darlene.navarrete@lacity.org. (*unless otherwise noted). CD indicates the City Council District, sf indicates square feet and LAMC indicates Los Angeles Municipal Code. The publication is intended to serve as our Notice of Intent to adopt the following Mitigated Negative Declaration (MND) or Negative Declaration (ND) MITIGATED NEGATIVE DECLARATION-NG-17-126-PL: ENV-2016-3609. 800-824 S Western Ave & 801 S Oxford Ave; Wilshire. CD10. The Project Site consists of 6 lots in the C2-1 zone that form an L-shaped parcel bordered on the north by W. 8th St., on the east by S. Oxford Ave. & multi-family residential buildings, on the south by a surface parking lot & Multi-family residential buildings, and on the west by S. Western Ave. The Project Site is developed with 58 surface parking spaces, an existing 11,450 gross sf (9,400 sf net leasable sf) commercial building (known as Eden Plaza, along 8th St.), and an existing 66,400 gross sf (22,446 net leasable sf) commercial building with 61 parking structure spaces (known as IB Plaza, along Western). The Project will involve demolishing the Eden Plaza building, adaptively reusing & adding onto the 4-story IB Plaza building, constructing a new 12-story mixed-use building, and constructing a new 3-story commercial building. The Project will include approx. (i) 148 guest rooms (limited service hotel); (ii) 96 apartment units, with 5% set aside for Very Low Income Households; (iii) 58,343 sf of commercial floor area (consisting of 35,863 sf retail, 17,766 sf alcohol-serving restaurants, 4,714 sf of non-alcohol-serving restaurants); and (iv) 241 vehicle parking spaces. The Project will include approx. 229,138 sf of floor area, which includes approx. 90,523 sf of guest room uses, 80,272 sf of apartment unit uses, and 58,343 sf of commercial space. It will also include approx. 10,600 sf of open space. The Project's proposed floor area ratio (FAR) will be approx. 3.72:1. The amount of soils removed or exported would be approx. 20,000 cubic yards. The Project will require approval of the following discretionary actions: 1) A General Plan Amendment to amend the adopted Wilshire Community Plan's Footnote 5 of the Community Plan's General Plan Land Use Map to allow Height District No. 2 at the Property; 2) A Zone and Height District Change for the Property from Height District No. 1 to Height District No. 2; 3) Site Plan Review for a development that results in an increase of 50 or more dwelling units and/or guest rooms; 4) A Density Bonus setting aside 5% restricted to very Low Income Households & utilizing 1 Off-Menu Affordable Housing Incentive as follows: a) An Off-Menu Incentive to reduce the side yard requirements to 2 feet 6 inches in lieu of the 15-ft. side yard requirement specified in LAMC Section 12.22.A.18(c)(2); 5) A Master Conditional Use Permit for the sale or dispensing of alcoholic beverages for on-site consumption at 6 locations; 6) A Conditional Use Permit for a hotel in the C2 Zone located within 500 ft. of an R zoned property; and 7) A Vesting Tentative Tract to merge the existing 6 contiguous lots into a single lot & re-subdivide the Property with residential & commercial condominium units. A General Plan Amendment (GPA) under the Wilshire Community Plan is requested for the Project & also for adjacent properties at 801-874 S. Western Ave & 855 S Manhattan Pl, Los Angeles (Add Area). No development is proposed for the Add Area. All existing uses would remain. Although the GPA would provide the potential for future development opportunities, for this potential to be realized, the property owners of the Add Area would need to apply for a zone change & for approval of their specific development projects. These actions would be subject to additional environmental review on a case-by-case basis. By including the adjacent Add Area, the GPA provides for a larger area-wide change. The Add Area is developed on the east side of Western Ave. with a surface parking lot & approx. 20,518 sf of commercial use. The Add Area is developed on the west side of Western Ave. with a gas station, approx. 56,000 sf of commercial use in 3 separate buildings (35,000 sf, 16,500 sf, & 4,500 sf), and a surface parking lot. REVIEW/COMMENT period ends: Oct. 25, 2017 MITIGATED NEGATIVE DECLARATION-NG-17-127-PL: ENV-2016-2684. 1800 E 7th St; Central City North. CD14. The Project Site is located on the southeast corner of 7th St. & Decatur St. The Project Site is bounded on the north by 7th St., on the east by industrial & educational land uses & surface parking lots, on the south by the Metropolitan Continuation High School (LAUSD), and on .the west by Decatur St. The total area of all the parcels that compose the Project site is approx. 29,006 sf (or 0.67 acre). The Project Site is zoned M3-1-RIO (Heavy Industrial, Height District 1), and the General Plan land use designation for the Site is Heavy Industrial. The subject of this Initial Study/Mitigated Negative Declaration (IS/MND) is the proposed 1800 E. 7th Street development (the "Project" or "Proposed Project"), which consists of the redevelopment of an existing surface parking lot at the comer of 7th St. & Decatur St. in the Arts District with a 85-ft. tall mixed use project consisting of 122 live/work units, 9,500 sf of commercial space (including 3,245 sf of retail space, 3,555 sf of restaurant space, and 2,700 sf of creative office space),5,885 sf of arts & production & other related amenity spaces for the use of residents living in the building, and 132 parking spaces in a 2-level subterranean garage & ground-floor level parking area (the "Project"). The Project's FAR would be approx. 4.66 to 1. The Applicant would provide a total of 14 Very Low Income Units (11%). By providing these affordable units, the Project is entitled to by right reduced parking under AB 744. The Project will include an air filtration system with filters meeting the Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) of 11. The Project will require approval of the following discretionary actions: 1. General Plan Amendment from Heavy Industrial to Regional Center Commercial; 2. Vesting Zone/Height District Change from M3-1-RIO to C2-2D-RIO (with the D limitation allowing a maximum FAR of4.7 to 1); 3. An On Menu Density Bonus Incentive for a 20% decrease from the Code required Open Space; 4. Off Menu Density Bonus Incentives to allow for long-term bicycle parking for the residential units to be provided in the first & second level of the underground parking garage instead of the parking garage level closest to the ground floor & in lieu of the shortest walking distance to the nearest pedestrian entrance to the building from the parking garage as required by LAMC Sections 12.21 A.16.(e)(2)(iii)(a) & 12.21 A.16.(e)(2)(iii)(b); 5. Off Menu Waiver of Development Standards Incentives for 5-ft. easterly side yard & 5-ft. rear yard for the residential portion of the Project located above the ground level; 6. Site Plan Review; 7. A Conditional Use to allow the sale & dispensing of a full line of alcoholic beverages in conjunction with a restaurant; and 8. A Vesting Tentative Tract Map to create 1 ground lot & 5 airspace lots. REVIEW/COMMENT period ends: Nov. 6, 2017 MITIGATED NEGATIVE DECLARATION-NG-17-128-PL: ENV-2016-3181. 1000 S Vermont Ave (SEC Vermont Ave.@Olympic Blvd.); Wilshire. CD1. The proposed 7 story, 91 ft. high mixed-use development with approx. 271,242 sf of building area will be located on a gross lot area of 94,460 sf (2.16 acres) located at the southeast corner of Vermont Ave. & Olympic Blvd. in the C2-1 & R4-1 zone with a consistent underlying General Plan Land Use designation of Neighborhood Office Commercial. The Applicant proposes to replace the existing uses, including a gas station with 12 pump stalls, 32 apartment units & 8,942 sf of medical office, with up to 228 residential units & up to 53,498 sf of commercial uses. The current Project Site plan proposes to develop slightly fewer residential units & less square footage of commercial uses, but the traffic impact analysis in this study assumes the higher numbers noted above to allow for flexibility in the overall building program. Further, while the residential units are proposed to be individually owned condominium units, this study conservatively analyzes them as apartments (which generate more peak hour trips) to allow the Applicant to rent or sell them based on market conditions at the time of Project completion. The Project includes 565 vehicular parking spaces within 2 levels of subterranean, at-grade & mezzanine level parking. Commercial vehicular access to the Project Site would be provided via driveways on Olympic Blvd., Vermont Ave. & 11th St. Residential vehicular access to the Project Site would be provided via a full-access driveway on Menlo Ave. & an exit-only driveway on Vermont Ave. Additionally, the Project would provide 310 bicycle parking spaces (including 260 long-term & 50 short-term spaces). The project is requesting entitlements for a Vesting Zone Change from C2-1 & R4-1 to RAS4-1 pursuant to LAMC Section 12.32F; A Master Conditional Use approval to permit the sale & dispensing for on & off-site consumption of a full line of alcoholic beverages pursuant to LAMC Section 12.24.W1; Site Plan Review for approval of a development that creates an increase of 50 or more dwelling units pursuant to LAMC Section 16.05; and a Vesting Tentative Tract Map to merge & re-subdivide the Property into multiple lots for commercial & residential purposes pursuant to LAMC Section 17.15. REVIEW/COMMENT period ends: Oct. 25, 2017

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