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Legal Notices: A Proposed

Legal Notices: A proposed settlement has been reached in the above-referenced class action lawsuit. The lawsuit claims that the anti-aging benefits of certain Adore Organic Innovation products were misrepresented. Defendants deny all these allegations. The Court did not rule in favor of Plaintiffs or Defendants. Instead, because of the complexity and uncertainty of litigation, the parties agreed to settle this case to avoid the expense and risk of continuing the lawsuit. AM I A MEMBER OF THE CLASS? You may be a class member if you purchased an Adore Organic Innovation product marketed as containing plant stem cell formula between September 29, 2012 and April 13, 2018. You should read the entire notice, available at the below-noted website, because your legal rights are affected whether you act or not. BENEFIT TO CLASS: Class members who submit a receipt as proof of purchase are eligible for either: (i) $25.00 cash; or (ii) an electronic gift card for 50% of the price paid, up to a maximum gift card value of $200 for use on the web-site: www.adorecosmetics.com. Class members who do not submit a proof of purchase with their Claim Form, are eligible for a $50 electronic gift card for use on the website: www.adorecosmetics.com. For full details about the settlement visit the settlement website at www.PlantStemCellSettlement.com. YOUR OPTIONS: File a Claim. If you wish to receive benefits under the Settlement, you MUST submit a Claim Form no later than August 21, 2018. You can obtain and/or submit a Claim Form: (1) online at www.PlantStemCell-Settlement.com; or (2) by calling the Claims Administrator at 1-877-752-6801; or (3) by mailing a written request for a Claim Form to the address below. Object or Comment. Write to the court about why you do or do not like the settlement. If you want to object, you must file a written statement with the Court by July 2, 2018. Exclude Yourself. If you do not object to the Settlement but simply do not want to participate in it, you must submit an exclusion form online at www.PlantStemCellSettlement.com, or mail a written request to be excluded to the class administrator. You will not receive any benefits under the Settlement, but you will preserve your right to bring your own lawsuit. Do Nothing. If you fail to timely submit either a Claim Form or Request for Exclusion, then you will be bound by the Settlement but will not receive any of its benefits. Your rights and options are only summarized in this notice. The Long Form Notice describes important information about the settlement in more detail. To obtain a Long Form Notice or other documents visit www.PlantStemCellSettlement.com, call toll-free 1-877-752-6801, or write to Plant Stem Cell Lawsuit, 1718 Peachtree St #1080, Atlanta, GA 30309. PlantStemCellSettlement.com

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