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City Of Los Angeles Environmental Notices

CITY OF LOS ANGELES ENVIRONMENTAL NOTICES Notice is hereby given to the general public of the availability for public review and comment on the following Environmental documents. Please email your comments to Darlene Navarrete at darlene.navarrete@lacity.org. CD indicates the City Council District, sf indicates square feet and LAMC indicates Los Angeles Municipal Code. This publication is intended to serve as our Notice of Intent to adopt the following Mitigated Negative Declaration (MND) or Negative Declaration (ND). Documents are also available online at the Dept. of City Planning’s website http://planning.lacity.org/. MITIGATED NEGATIVE DECLARATION-NG-18-063-PL: ENV-2016-3663. 3170 & 3188 W. Olympic Blvd.; 1006, 1010, 1012, 1014, 1020 S. Serrano Ave.; 1007, 1011, 1015, 1017, 1019, 1021 S. Hobart Blvd; Sherman Oaks-Studio City-Toluca Lake-Cahuenga Pass. CD10. The Project would involve the demolition of an existing 1-story commercial retail building, related surface parking, and 5 residential buildings (a 1-story single-family dwelling, a 2-story single-family dwelling & 3 multi-family rental units that are 1-story) for the construction of a new 7-story mixed-use structure above 2 levels of subterranean parking. The Project would contain 252 dwelling units, of which 46 units would be designated as restricted affordable to Very low Income Households, and 32,100 sf of retail space. The Project would include approx. 311 parking spaces using Parking Option 3 & would be located at-grade behind the commercial, on a mezzanine level & within 2 subterranean levels. The Project also includes 272 long-term bicycle parking spaces & 46 short-term bicycle parking spaces. The Project would contain a total of 270,199 sf of floor area & an average Floor Area Ratio (FAR) of 6.09:1. Approximately 144,251 sf & an FAR of 5.79:1 is in the C2-1 Zone, and 125,948 sf & an FAR of 6.39:1 in the R4-1 Zone. The Project would be 85 ft. in height with roof structures up to 91 ft. in height. The Applicant has requested the following entitlement: Three On-Menu Density Bonus Incentives pursuant to Section 12.22 A.25(g)(2) of the LAMC to (1) reduce the front yard on Hobart Blvd. in the R4-1 Zone by 20% from 15 ft. to 12 ft.; (2) to reduce the front yard on Serrano Ave. in the R4-1 Zone by 20% from 15 ft. to 20 ft.; and (3) to reduce the side yard in the R4-1 Zone by 20% from 10 ft. to 8 ft. The applicant also requests two Waivers of Development Standards pursuant to Section 12.22 A.2S(g)(3) of the LAMC to (1) use pre-dedication area of any land required to be dedicated for street or alley purposes as lot area for purposes of calculating the maximum density permitted by the underlying zone in which the project is located, and (2) to average the floor area, density, parking or open space, and permitted vehicular access from a less restrictive zone to a more restrictive zone. The applicant is requesting a Conditional Use Permit pursuant to Section 12.24 U.26 of the LAMC to allow a density bonus increase greater than the maximum permitted in Section 12.22 A.25, to 95% over the entire Project Site in order to permit 252 dwelling units in lieu of the otherwise permitted 129 dwelling units, and pursuant to 12.24 F of the LAMC an increase in the permitted FAR to 6.09 in lieu of 1.5:1 in the C2-1 Zone & 3:1 in the R4-1 Zone. The applicant seeks approval of Site Plan Review pursuant to Section 16.05 of the LAMC; and a Vesting Tentative Tract Map to merge & re-subdivide 8 existing lots into 3 lots, Lot 1 a ground lot, Lot 2 a residential lot consisting of 252 apartment units & parking, and Lot 3 a commercial lot consisting of 32,100 sf to be subdivided into a maximum of 33 commercial units & parking. In addition, the Project would require ministerial approvals associated with construction of the project, including but not limited to the removal of 22 trees on-site & 8 street trees (5 street trees on Olympic Blvd., 1 street tree on Hobart Blvd. & 2 street trees on Serrano Ave.), demolition, grading, excavation, a haul route for the export of 37,660 cubic yards of dirt, and building permits. Please call (213)978-1173 to review the file. Documents are available for review at: Los Angeles City Hall, 200 N. Spring St., Rm 621, Los Angeles, CA 90012. REVIEW/COMMENT period ends: Oct. 31, 2018 MITIGATED NEGATIVE DECLARATION-NG-18-064-PL: ENV-2018-932. 1150 W. Olympic Blvd.; Westlake. CD1. The project is the demolition of 2 existing commercial office buildings & the retention of one 10,800 sf building, removal of 2 non-protected Washingtonia robusta trees in the public right-of-way & the construction, use, and maintenance of a 14-story, maximum 185-ft. high, mixed use building with 140 residential condominium units & 9,115 sf of ground floor retail. The project will include 257 covered parking spaces on-site. The project is requesting a tentative tract map for the subdivision of the site for 140 residential condominiums & a project permit compliance review for the Central City West Specific Plan. The project will export approx. 10,942 cubic yards of soil, 2 trees in the public right-of-way are proposed to be removed. Please call (213) 978-1487 to review the file. Documents are available for review at: Los Angeles City Hall, 200 N. Spring St., Rm 621, Los Angeles, CA 90012. REVIEW/COMMENT period ends: Oct. 31, 2018

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